“It has been a privilege to volunteer and participate in the ARTS program at POC!  I have always been very passionate about music, art, and language.  Seeing the children and their parents smile and laugh together during the songs and activities makes the experience incredibly worthwhile.  The class clearly helps children develop important skills like sharing, taking turns, and using their imagination.  It is also enjoyable for me to bridge the language gap and help Spanish speaking families feel more comfortable in the class.  I am very excited to be a part of ARTS as it continues to grow and touch more lives in a positive way!”


Lisa – Translator at POC

“When Kim asked if I would help with ARTS, I was thrilled. Kim’s passion for celebrating the gift of music, art, and dance; the wonderful learnings of sharing and creating; and her desire to bring joy and hope to broken lives is a passion I share. I love assisting behind the scenes to help this incredible program prosper. A chance to bring joy, hope, and opportunity to these moms and children is a gift to me. ”


Laura – Volunteer

“Volunteering for the A.R.T.S. program has been a very satisfying experience. By preparing and planning projects, I have learned that hard work and dedication can lead to happiness for both the children and me. The A.R.T.S. program offers a friendly, fun atmosphere where moms and tots can spend quality time together. The weekly classes at PHD have shown how music and art can be used as a tool to help reinforce important skills children need to be “kindergarten ready,” while also learning the fundamentals of music and art basics. A.R.T.S. offers an open atmosphere which helps facilitate new friendships and community between classmates, whether children or adults. While observing and volunteering in the A.R.T.S. program, I am able to see and imagine firsthand the positive impact A.R.T.S. can have on both individuals and families.”


Laura – Classroom Assistant and Art Project Coordinator at PHD