What people are saying about A.R.T.S.!

“We can’t thank you enough for your generosity in providing 100 of these reusable bags, each containing a snack, as well as supplies and materials needed to engage in educational and art activities throughout the summer…Your kindness in providing opportunities for educational enrichment during these trying times is greatly appreciated.”

Kristen Ford, Project Director – The Center/Early Childhood Block Grant/FIND/PI & PFA/E ECDEC

“A.R.T.S. class is very well attended at PHD. Our clients benefit so much, and it also teaches parents new skills through art and music, along with new fun things they can continue to do at home to enrich their children’s lives.

Diane Christell – Executive Director at PHD

“A.R.T.S. gives moms a time to connect with their children on a level they don’t at home and provides education while being fun and creative. This gives children the opportunity to learn, meet other children, and get out of the home into a social environment.”

Brittany Kintzel – Clinical Supervisor at PHD

“The children are better prepared for pre-school emotionally, with ability to follow instructions, and work in a group. Moms get the opportunity to learn about ways to support their children’s development and to meet other moms.”

Mary Lou Wilhelm – Ed.M., Clinical Program Administrator at PHD

“The children are using fine and gross motor, as well as social skills, in this program. I am hearing language from children who were shy at the beginning of class.”

Chris Leisering – Library Media Arts Specialist for the FIND/PI program at Partners for Our Communities

“I believe ARTS is a safe, inviting space for moms and children that encourages creativity and attachment. Moms have commented on noticing increased attention spans in their children and that their children are more apt to follow directions after attending A.R.T.S. classes.”

Natalie Rodriguez – Program Supervisor for the FIND/PI program at Partners for Our Communities

“A.R.T.S. allows children to participate in age appropriate activities that promote fine motor skills and encourages creativity and cooperative play as well as listening skills. A.R.T.S. also allows women to see ways to develop positive relationships with their children though the arts and cooperative play.”

Donna Treslo – Manager of Children’s Services at WINGS Domestic Violence Safe House

“Moms who participate in the class are very happy with the progress of their children in all areas of development.”

Lily Moctezuma – Parent Educator for the FIND/PI program at Partners for Our Communities

“A.R.T.S. teachers model appropriate parenting skills for moms and shows them what is appropriate for kids at different developmental levels. These classes help moms to better attach to their children and to have positive interactions in their family vs. just negative. Arts classes assist in mind/body healing.”

Megan Bartoszaushi – Supervisor of House Advocates at WINGS Domestic Violence Safe House

“A.R.T.S. class is a way to bond, it’s a therapeutic outlet, and it’s a fun activity for the kids to look forward to. The kids are so proud to show their work to others.”

Rachel M. – Family Advocate Intern at WINGS Domestic Violence Safe House

“A.R.T.S. provides a needed service for both women and children in teaching life skills and providing emotional support. Moms and children learn to interact with other children and adults, while building trust, relationships, and team building.”

Melissa Georges – Bilingual House Advocate at WINGS Domestic Violence Safe House

“A.R.T.S. definitely contributes to emotional improvements in the children participating. Spending time with mom and working together in a safe environment while encouraging creativity promotes emotional stability in the child.”

Donna Treslo – Manager of Children’s Services at WINGS Domestic Violence Safe House

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