Arts Refreshing the Soul (A.R.T.S.) uses the arts as a tool to raise the academic, social and emotional potential of at-risk women, children and youth.

Weekly Volunteer Opportunities

A.R.T.S. Buddy/Classroom Assistant

If you are inspired to be a positive role model for at-risk youth creating art and/or music on a weekly basis, this is the opportunity for you. Volunteers can sign up for one or more sessions (lasting between 8-12 weeks each.)

Volunteer your time and talent with set-up, cleanup and assisting the teacher by working with a class of young people at weekly art/music classes at a particular site. A teacher will be in charge of planning and teaching classes, and volunteers will be encouraging, engaging and assisting kids as “guides on the side.” This is a 2- 2.5 hour weekly commitment for 8 – 12 weeks.

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Art Project Preparation

Whether you are a high school student looking to fulfill community service hours or an adult looking for a low stress way to volunteer and help youth at the same time, this may be the right fit for you. We are constantly in need of people to help us sort, cut and prepare art materials for our weekly classes.

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Social Media

Social media volunteers are people who are excited to help spread the word about A.R.T.S. happenings in their social worlds! Help us by re-tweeting, re-posting and sharing our mission and messaging on the world wide web.

If you’d love to donate your social media skills in helping at-risk women and children get A.R.T.S. programming, this is the job for you. We need people to develop and maintain a robust social media presence that will help promote our mission to educate our donors, volunteers, and potential grantors on what A.R.T.S. does, how it impacts the at-risk population and to keep our supporters informed.

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Once-a-Year Volunteer/Sponsorship Opportunities

Event Committee

If you would like to be a part of the annual “A.R.T.S. by the Glass” wine tasting fundraising event, please contact us.  You will have plenty of help and guidance and there are several subcommittees to choose from.

Field Trips

If you are an institution that can provide free admission to a museum, theater show, dance, concert or some other live arts experience, please contact us. If you are a business or corporation that can cover costs of transportation and/or admission to a live arts experience please contact us.

Host an A.R.T.S./Works! Day or Half Day

If your company would like to get involved with A.R.T.S., any corporation can sponsor an A.R.T.S./Works! Day. A.R.T.S./Works! Days are half-day or full day volunteer opportunities that offer employees a way to give back to the community and feel good about their company. Upon sponsorship, A.R.T.S. provides everything needed to create long-lasting value for employees and the kids we serve. Corporate or Group sponsors bring in a team of volunteers and each is paired one on one with a child as art buddies. Youth and their art buddies spend the day creating art together, sharing lunch (full day option) and participating in a fun interactive arts activity. Contact us for more information.

Guest Artists

Guest teaching-artists guide youth and volunteer A.R.T.S. buddies through the art-making process while providing a positive atmosphere for healing. Youth work side-by-side with practicing artists and A.R.T.S. volunteers to explore a specific style/genre/medium of art over the course of 4 – 8 weeks. These experiences can be modified to accommodate special or unique experiences. Contact us for more information.

A.R.T.S. Ambassadors

A.R.T.S. Ambassadors are people who want to help introduce A.R.T.S. to potential new supporters. A.R.T.S. Ambassadors would host small informational/educational meetings in their homes to let supporters know about A.R.T.S. That’s it! This is not a meeting to ask for money, but rather a presentation about our mission, information about the work we do, questions/answers about A.R.T.S., and feedback from the group. The host would simply leave his/her guests with our brochures for further contact if they wish. The presentation would only take 30 minutes and then the meeting could be dismissed or become a social gathering. Contact us for more information.


A.R.T.S. welcomes the help of videographers and photographers to aid us in documenting our programs and events. Every year, A.R.T.S. hopes to collect new footage and edited videos for use. If you have a passion for art and want to help underserved, at-risk children, please consider donating your creative talent.

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Unpaid Internships involve a 15 to 30 hour-a-week commitment depending on the internship position. Internship positions include: program development, volunteer coordinator, and grant writing. Contact us for more information.

Sponsor a child or group for an A.R.T.S. class

There are many possibilities for sponsoring children and A.R.T.S. classes listed on our donate page. Consider directly giving the gift of A.R.T.S. to at-risk children in our community. If you would like more details, contact us.


We have a strong need for caring individuals with artistic and non-artistic skill sets. If you want to hear more about ways to help support our mission, please reach out below. We are always looking for people to impact youth through artistic experiences at various ability levels. Reach out and help youth have a more positive future through dance, graffiti art, public art, watercolor or other paint, sculpting, jewelry making, music, drum circles, poetry, spoken word, murals or other! Contact us for more information.

Learn more about becoming a volunteer by attending an upcoming Volunteer Information Session. Join us!

Become a Board Member – A.R.T.S. is expanding its board of directors. Learn more.

Start a Fundraiser

If you care about underserved at-risk youth in our community and you want to contribute through your organization, you can create your own fundraiser and donate the proceeds to Arts Refreshing the Soul (A.R.T.S.)

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Supplies we need

Every small contribution of construction paper, glue, tape and paint means that more children get the chance to heal through art. Contribute if you can by purchasing something from the list. All music products with an * should be ordered from Kindermusik International.

Please send an email if you would like to know what we are most in need of at the moment.

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Shopping for gifts, making a difference.  Check both off your list with AmazonSmile and iGive. Simply register A.R.T.S. as your charity of choice and shop away!

Planning a vacation? Consider using “travel beCAUSE” to help you plan your vacation needs and help A.R.T.S. at the same time. Simply mention A.R.T.S. when you are booking your vacation, and A.R.T.S. will receive 10% percent of the proceeds – without a mark-up to you!

Doing Good is Good For You!

Over three-quarters of people who volunteered in the past twelve months told us that volunteering has made them feel physically healthier.
of people who volunteered in the last twelve months say that volunteering improves their mood.
of people who volunteered in the last 12 months say that volunteering lowers their stress levels.
say they are helping to make their community a better place.
say that volunteering enriches their sense of purpose in life.
Taken from: UnitedHealth Group, DOING GOOD IS GOOD FOR YOU, 2013 Health and Volunteering Study

“Volunteering for the A.R.T.S. program has been a very satisfying experience. By preparing and planning projects, I have learned that hard work and dedication can lead to happiness for both the children and me. The A.R.T.S. program offers a friendly, fun atmosphere where moms and tots can spend quality time together. The weekly classes at PHD have shown how music and art can be used as a tool to help reinforce important skills children need to be “kindergarten ready,” while also learning the fundamentals of music and art basics. A.R.T.S. offers an open atmosphere which helps facilitate new friendships and community between classmates, whether children or adults. While observing and volunteering in the A.R.T.S. program, I am able to see and imagine firsthand the positive impact A.R.T.S. can have on both individuals and families.”

Laura – Classroom Assistant and Art Project Coordinator at PHD

We offer many ways to contribute to the A.R.T.S. mission. Find the way that best suits you!