You can help women and children in need transform their lives.

How your donation helps


Sponsors a whole year of weekly A.R.T.S. classes for 15 children.


Sponsors a whole year of weekly A.R.T.S. classes for 5 children.


Sponsors one teacher for half a year of weekly A.R.T.S. classes.


Sponsors one year of A.R.T.S. classes for a child.


Helps bring guest artists into our programs.


Sponsors one ten-week A.R.T.S. session for one child.


Buys one year’s worth of music take-home resource packets for one child’s family.


Buys 1 week’s worth of art and music supplies for 30 children.


Buys 1 week’s worth of art and music supplies for 15 children.


Buys 1 music take-home resource packet for 1 child’s family.

By Mail

You may send your donation to A.R.T.S. by mail. Simply make your check out to A.R.T.S. and send to Arts Refreshing The Soul, P.O. Box 2347, Palatine, IL 60078

 Matching Gifts

Corporate matching gifts programs can double, or even triple, your donation. Please consult with your employer for specific matching program details.

Pledged Gifts

A pledged gift enables you to contribute any specified gift amount over a designated period. Gift payments may be structured in any way you choose: on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly basis.

 Planned Giving

Through long-range individual and family planning, many people find that it’s possible to make a more substantial impact on this important work as well as provide valuable tax benefits that include the reduction of taxable income and elimination of capital gains.


If you are interested in making a donation to A.R.T.S., please send an email to

“I found out about A.R.T.S. classes from my counselor at PHD. I had complications delivering Thomas, and weeks after, I developed major postpartum depression. I could not go back to work full-time, and I lost my insurance. A.R.T.S. classes helped me as I coped and recovered from PPD.

When we started A.R.T.S., Thomas just listened and observed. He used to hide behind me. Slowly, he started surprising me…”