Our Mission

Arts Refreshing the Soul (A.R.T.S.) promotes the well-being of at-risk women and children and facilitates their recovery from domestic abuse, poverty or homelessness through educational creative arts and music programs.

ART Works

At-risk youth and children in low socio-economic conditions who have high levels of art engagement have better academic outcomes, better workforce opportunities, and more civic engagement.

About the Program

We use the arts as a self-empowering tool to encourage our clients to: creatively express themselves and access their inner voice, create positive and joyful memories while creating art, learn new skills whether they be the basic fundamentals of the arts disciplines, school readiness skills, or parenting skills, and gain insight into a broader world perspective.

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A.R.T.S. provides many ways for you to harness and further your talents and passions through volunteering.


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Help support our programs by running your own fundraiser or art supply drive. We can provide all the tools to help you get started.

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Host an A.R.T.S. Day

Support your local community and have your team sponsor an Arts Day at a social service agency or community center.

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“A.R.T.S. teachers model appropriate parenting skills for moms and shows them what is appropriate for kids at different developmental levels. These classes help moms to better attach to their children and to have positive interactions in their family vs. just negative. Arts classes assist in mind/body healing.”

Megan Bartoszaushi – Supervisor of House Advocates at WINGS Domestic Violence Safe House

“I believe ARTS is a safe, inviting space for moms and children that encourages creativity and attachment. Moms have commented on noticing increased attention spans in their children and that their children are more apt to follow directions after attending A.R.T.S. classes.”

Natalie Rodriguez – Program Supervisor for the FIND/PI program at Partners for our Communities

“The children are better prepared for pre-school emotionally, with ability to follow instructions, and work in a group. Moms get the opportunity to learn about ways to support their children’s development and to meet other moms.”

Mary Lou Wilhelm – Ed.M., Clinical Program Administrator at PHD

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